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Mime and Mayonnaise (or Useless Trivia I Like)

Useless information is dead good.  I don't know why, but it just is.  Important stuff is hard to remember but unnecessary stuff is great fun.

I just learned that Marcel Marceau actually started miming when he was in the French Resistance and trying to get Jewish weans to safer places.  He was trying to persuade the weans to keep quiet and not get discovered.  Smile   Also, it seems that putting greasy mayonnaise on ID papers made the tidy German soldiery reluctant to touch them in case they got all messy.  (Obviously, murder is fine, but mayonnaise is the Bad Thing).

Mora, 60, praised the bravery of his father and Marceau. ''Marceau told me this story about my dad being called Mr Mayonnaise in the French Resistance.''

His father, who had escaped from Germany after the book-burning, noticed German soldiers would never search sandwiches containing mayonnaise in case drips stained their uniforms.

So the Resistance wrapped the identity papers of Jewish children being smuggled over borders in greaseproof paper, smeared them with mayonnaise and inserted them into sandwiches.

''Marceau started miming to keep children quiet as they were escaping. It had nothing to do with show business. He was miming for his life.''[/quote]

(Next to trivia, tangents are bloody good too - the reason I read snippets about Marceau was  'cos I was reading an article on Bella Caledonia about the "Scottish Defence League" (proper spelling would be Evil Bunch of Racist Bastards) planning to march in Edinburgh during the festival.   And the Bella article reckoned that if such a march was allowed to go ahead, it should be confronted by mobs of mime artists and sword swallowers and fire jugglers etc.)

Idea    So now we know - when the Nazis come, make sure you have messy greasy pieces!    Idea

I reckon bacon rolls would be good, but I suppose Jewish refugees weren't all that intae bacon.

And now that I have shared my new factoid with you lot, it's less likely that I'll bore some poor sod at a 'bus stop with it.  Smile

Keep them coming!

All I previously knew about Marce; Mardeau wiz that he was a Benny Hill fan!

eek.   Oh, all right, I suppose Benny Hill was funny in a way.

And all I previously knew re. Marceau was that he was the only one to speak in Mel Brooks's Silent Movie.

It shouldn't but it always amazes me that someone I thought of (seldom) only as some kind of light entertainer had such a scary and impressive back story.

Ah dinnae ken any mime artistes but here's a cupla useless facts aboot bacon: Ah prefer mine grilled. Wi a scrapin of butter, fresh tomato and ground black pepper, either on broon breid or on a roll. Nae mayonnaise though. Nup.

Ah huv a pal wha’s a Muslim and he likes his bacon on a roll wi a fried tattie scone on it tae... and broon soss. He says it works braw for a hangover cure.

He’s no the best ay muslims ah’m afraid.

Hello byraway.

Hello AG!   Smile

Your Muslim pal is a bit more logical than one I knew - after a whole evening that involved plenty of haram beer, whisky, hash, he most certainly wasnae gonnae eat any sausage pieces because of pork.    Laughing

Your bacon is more carefully done than mine.  Me, I shove it in the microwave.  I think I get drummed out of civilised society for that.   But obviously I'll still be able to post in here.   Laughing

Hiya Celyn. A wee trick ah wis telt by a chef and one that I do use fae time tae time is... if ye only huv cheapy bacon tae eat, lay oot the number uv rashers ye want tae cook ontae a plate and wallup it intae the microwave. Nuke on full for aboot 10-15 seconds.

Aw the watter that the manufacturers sneakily add tae bulk oot the weight will huv come oot and now be swimmin aboot oan the plate. Transfer yer rashers tae the grill or fryin pan and cook as preferred.

It’s astonishing the amount of watter that ye kin get oot a hauf-pund of cheap bacon.

Yep... I suppose (apart from health, which is academic if eating bacon), that's why grilling is good - 'cos you can avoid seeing the weird much that comes out of the bacon but if you fry it, you get to see strange stuff exuded from it and lose your appetite.

I wonder whether pigs are the most intelligent thing that we eat.  I mean, dogs are clever, but we don't tend to eat them, chickens not famously clever, cattle not famously clever, sheep  don't get many Nobel prizes etc.  But pigs are meant to be quite clever beasties.

Naw, I don't know where I'm going with that either.  Random thoughts.

Hahaha I just read this elsewhere and it kinna reminded me of Celyn and this threid...

Arthur Conan Doyle The Adventure of the Lion's Mane

"But how did you know, Mr. Holmes?"

"I am an omnivorous reader with a strangely retentive memory for trifles."


That's lovely!    Laughing    I'm not omniverous*, though, 'cos I'm not sure I have EVER read any Conan Doyle.

But trifles, now.  Hmm.   There's a thought.  Got some fruit, can make sponge, later could get to shops and get some cream.  Oh yeah, and sherry.  Hmm, what an inspiration you are, AG!    Laughing   I can foresee a dead healthy dinner of bacon and trifle.  If I disappear, you'll find me in the heart attack unit at Clydebank.

"an omnivorous reader with a strangely retentive memory for trifles" is MUCH better than "scatterbrained eejit with a head full of mince".

I might have a look for this "Lion's Mane" book.

* nor am I verminous, despite what the damn spellchecker suggested.    Surprised

Re: Mime and Mayonnaise (or Useless Trivia I Like)

Celyn wrote:
Useless information is dead good.  I don't know why, but it just is.  Important stuff is hard to remember but unnecessary stuff is great fun.

Here's a wee feast fer ye, Celyn,

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