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Fey Hag

Me & mine all well

2 Daughters up to their ankles in broken preserves, without power, water or sewage, but all alive.

Glad tae hear it.

But Ah hae a complaint... yer links aye tak for ever tae load. Ah hud tae find ither news sites tae find oot fit hud happened. Fit wye dae ye aye send sic slow links?

Ra BBC links a bit quickerer......

Richt glad tae hear ye're a'richt, Fey!

glad tae hear yer ok Fey.
Fey Hag

Sorry about the link , it goes like a rat up a drainpipe fra here.

Three houses in ra family in Christchurch & apart from all the mess of broken things they are still safe homes.
Unlike some poor families new houses, where liquefaction has destroyed them.
They have now had over 100 aftershocks & their nerves are shattered.
No one is getting much sleep.
I listen to the talk-back radio to keep in touch with what is happening.
It is harrowing.
They say there will be shocks for at least a month.
Fey Hag

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