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Me and god hae sumthin in common, it seems.

We baith hate Jack Russells.
Fey Hag

Very Happy  Rolling Eyes

Could the wee dug be jewish?
The Lassies nails look as dangerous as the wee dug!

Ah kenned thur wis sum reesun fur tae no trust ye dosser. Imagine no adorin Jack Russels! Ahmur stunned, shockit, horrifiyit. Admit ut yer no dosser attaw, yer thon Rank Bajin in disguise eh no? Yer ootra will.

Ah miss ma wee Jackies, but Weeso'll no let me hae ony mair dugs, he seems tae hink 3 is plenty.

They still huvny notissed byraway. Twisted Evil

Nah, Ah had wan o' they wee bastirts wance. The hoose still bears the scars.

I gied him awa' tae sumbdie else...... And then thon sumbdie else hud tae go searchin' fur yet a thurd victim.

Last time Ah saw the wee bastirt, he wiz wi' a wifie wha (seriously) Ah reckon wiz a nutter. She luvved him tae bits and wiz even worried that Ah wiz gonnae ask fur ra bastirt back. As if......!

She telt me aboot a' the things the wee bastirt had destroyed in her ane hoose, but seemed tae think it was funny and evidence o' the wee bastirts "cuteness" or sumthin'. She wiz deffo a nut job!

It's aw yer ain fawt ye eejit, ye shuida 'stablished yersel as alpha dug an ye'dae hud nae borra. Ma Jude (RIP) wis nivver at kinna trubble an neethur is Pip an Emma cos they ken wha's boss, tho in thur case at wid be Number Wan noo since thur still in Scotia an ahmurny. Ah've nivver hud borra wi ma dugs cos ah've aye bin ra pack leader an nicer, gentler wee beasties ye cuidna wish fur. We've nae Jackies noo but, assah says afore Weeso reckons twa teacup Chihuahuas, a Perro d'Agua, a pig, five sons an 7.5 grandweans (Number Fower an his missus is expectin in aboot 4.5 munths) is enuff fur aybdy.

Ah've hud dugs afore an' since the wee bastirt, and nane o' them wiz any trouble at a'.

The wee bastirt, however,  wiz a ravin' bluidy psycho. I geid him a guid hame...... and he repayed mah guidnes by tryin' tae eat it!

Wee bastirt!

Ach, the wee dog was only showing how much it appreciated its new hame.  Or your hame, really.    Just a tiny wee minor misunderstanding.    Laughing

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