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Man Wanted

Just tae balance up the yin yang adverts in the lekki hut.

As an outsider Heidi? What dae you think of the human race?
Fey Hag

Just when yea think yea ken aw aboot yir friends  Embarassed  Embarassed  Embarassed

Wit's he wantit fur Clash? Murderin sossidges?

Naw ,Clash wull be wantin a man fur tae show him how tae marathons,swim an pose showin aff his mussils...haw haw ,withoot whinin an girnin aw ra time...oh aye an tae show him how tae wirk a barbie withoot carbonisin everythin init an everyboadie within ten fit o the smelter that he manages tae fire up! Laughing

Sigh... ah notised that there wis a "Wummin Wantit" ana "Leki Wantit" so as there wis only wan human being in the Wantit ads I thought ah'd balance it up and ask for "Man Wantit".

Nae ye fuggin thot ye wis bein smart an wid mussil (see whit Ah did err) in oan ra act an get a free helpuur seein yer hoose maid or whitevuur hud got hur jottirs..... Razz

Man Wanted

Will ah dae?

Ah could pit oan ma newurr broon suit whit ah only werr oan Sundays tae the pub.

It only hus some toaty pish stains oan it.

Wee wans.  Cool

AG wrote:
Wee wans.

Wee wee wans dae yi mean?  

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