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Mair death by cute

Sea Otters, gorgeous beasties.


Ah huddled doon ahent grass and stanes for a guid twenty minutes up in Shetland a few years ago watchin a pair of otters playin in and oot the water atwixt rocks, seaweed and sand. It wis utterly magic and a memory ah still treasure.
Fey Hag

An tae think sum bluidy heathen wud make a fur coat outa sumthing sae vital 'n alive.

Braw foties Senga

Lovely pics!!

Ye may well have seen this as well, but nae harm in putting it here (watch right to the end):

(..hmm. Checking the properties of that earlier photie, I'm not sure that still isn't taken from this film)

Strange species we are. Why should it be that watching this makes ye feel SO glowing & mushy??
Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

Another youtube classic - wee short clip, make sure your sound is on!

....And someone's done it in slow motion - even better!!


lazy wee bastirts jist floatin aroon awe day long. Ah think thit the wummin otter wis tryin tae knock the hur mate oot cauld, tryin tae collect oan that endayjirred speesies insurance.

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