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Mair bad news for Kiwis

Ah see thon Christchurch huz taen anither batterin fae mither earth.

Tae Fey an onybdy else wi faimly roon aboot there, Ah hope aa's weel.
Fey Hag

First I knew was a crying Daughter saying I am all right Mum.
It took what seemed ages to find the W*** phone # of the second Daughter's W***.
She was devastated along with all her W***-mates, as their W*** place was wrecked, but they were outside having a cigarette when it struck.
I will not say a word against smoking ever again after that.
We found husbands & partners, kids & grand-kids over the next few hrs.

I am now holding my breath, as those who made it home safely, went out again, to find her partner's blind Mother.

They were heading for New Brighton hours ago & no word.

Wur bluidy ancesturs goat it verra wrong.
Fancy settelin a few volcanic rocks, in the ring uv fire, richt in ra middle uv ra roarin forties.
Daft besoms

Our hearts go out to all you brave people and our sympathy to those who have suffered.I hope all you & yours returned safe.

Anyone heard anything from Fey???
Fey Hag

Sorry all; the ongoing horror of Christchurch has rendered me bad company at the moment.

The liquefaction, with howling gales (dust storms); now in what should be the hottest month of the year, freezing temperatures, is so hard on those without power water or sewage connection.

It all takes so much time for help to arrive after so much destruction.

The before & after pictures are very telling.

They have so many aftershocks every day that their nerves are in tatters.
The aftershocks from the first had not stopped & they call this killer quake an aftershock of it even though it is on another fault line.

I know we feel for you here

I hope that you and your family survived ok & that their houses were not damaged.

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