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Lady Alba Votes No

This is sort of funny.    Apparently a parody of something called "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga.   I feel like one of those old-timey judges who'd never heard of the Beatles, but I don't know what Lady Gaga's music is like.

But I laughed at this.

It amuses me that the girl doing it is some kind of dead clever PhD zooologist , so in about thirty years wee students will be able to laugh at their ancient professor doing YouTube stuff.

And you know that she is a PhD because?

Should Celyn now be known as a spammer then? (just discovered that spam isny a Monty Python song incidentally).

Ahem: I huv it on guid historical authority that although wir resident brainiac Celyn isny actually a professor yet she's got professorial attachments.

Clash wrote:
.. professorial attachments.

What are they and do need a special adapter to plug them in?   Confused

They're chust things which have been captured by wir favourite panda and adapted fur use as ipod attachments (or Apps as they are now kent) so that feet are now utterly useless.

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