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Kin you say shells?

Weel, this huz been an unusual month for me. Ah left hame on the 10th, bound for anither fower wiks in Angola. Jist ower a wik later Ah wiz on ma wye back oot o Angola, bound for Dubai via London. Aifter five days in Dubai (attendin meetins an feelin like shite - thon place disna agree wi me) Ah flew oot o there, bound for the Seychelles.

An here Ah am, in a nae verra guid hotel wi superb views an a bonnie beach, bidin ma time waitin tae gang oot tae a rig an sail aff intae the sunset - next stop Zanzibar! (Weel, thon's nae quite true; we're headed for Mtwara, but it's in the same country as Zanzibar.)

Spikkin o sunsets, here's een fae saxteen oors ago. If you luik a wee bittae tae the richt o the sun ye'll see the rig waitin for me.

Hmphh! An' a' Ah've got tae look forward tae is a coupla nichts in Dunkeld the week efter next.

we are going to that London but not till October but I don't expect to see a beach and sunsets there. But - we are going to stop with our bestest mates for a few days now they are settled into their new home and jobs. So we'll probs see a lot of curryhouses and empty wine bottles instead.

Curry hooses an wine? See these Seychelles? Used tae be a French colony (until the British tuik over aifter the Napoleonic waars) an it's in the Indian Ocean. Need Ah say mair?

If Ah cuid persuade the Mrs. Neil tae get on a bit better wi the sun we'd be emigratin here toot sweet!

Jings Neil ats no bad at all, at all
Am gonnae be stuck in a premier inn near Hartlepool furra 3 months, the view isn hee haw like yoors is though jist a kfc, McDsa petrol stashun an ra main road - bliss and oh aye ra datacentre am workin in is oot ra back

Spikkin o views... een o the various bits o local fauna is a palm tree cried the coco de mer. The fruit o this tree might pit ye in mind o a magnificent view, mibbe.

An the male o the species...
Fey Hag

Laughing Yiv aye bin awar too lang mon Shocked

Here's ma photies o the Seychelles, for onybdy that wants a luik.

Fey Hag

Noo yiv done it their awl gona want tae cerry yir bags.

Braw foties Neil

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