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Fey Hag

Just to say

My husband Gus has died & is now free of pain.
He was ill for some years & fed up with life.
I am learning to cook for one.

Oh no, Fey, I'm so sorry.   I suppose it's good he has no more suffering but Oh hell, what a shame.     How horrible for you after a long life together.

Are you gonnae be all right?   I sort of feel as though i should pop round with some soup and stuff, but it's hardly just round the corner, is it?

I'm terribly sorry for what you must be going through.  Try to look after yourself.   Big hugs.

So sorry to hear of your loss, Fey.

A release for Gus maybe, but a wrench for you all the same, I'm sure.

My best wishes to you and the family.

Look after yourself.

Im so sorry Fey. You must miss him terribly. I feel for you.

The one consolation is that he is no longer in pain and suffering

My heart goes out to you & your family

Dear Fey, I am so sorry to hear about Gus and know exactly how you are feeling just now.
please look after yourself as it is so easy to feel that you can't be bothered to cook yourself a proper meal. Sitting at the table alone is hard after so many years of company but has to be done.
I'm sure that you know all of this but it doesn't make it easier.
sending hugs and love
Jan x
Fey Hag

Dear friends;
I was surprised to find just how much your caring comments meant to me during this time.
The years have exposed our lives to each other & a closeness has grown in spite of all the rough banter we hurl at each other.
It may just mean that I should get a life; but my Bothy friends are just as real & comforting as those I see in the flesh.
Thanks for being you,

How good is that from you Fey?

True Scottish phlegm.

My husband Gus has died & is now free of pain.
He was ill for some years & fed up with life.
I am learning to cook for one.

Reminds me of a story my faither sent me a few years ago.

Heidie's best mate died and he had to put a message in the paper. Being the thrifty Scot that heidi was he managed to cut it down to:

Jimmy Reid: Deid.

The lassie on the phone telt him that he wis allowed 6 words for the price of 3.

So he made a new one.

Jimmy Reid: Deid.
Volvo for Sale

Thanks Fey: I hope Gus meets you again in The Better World wherever that is.

Sorry, Ah've been awa, an missed the news.

Condolences Fey. Ah dinna think onything onybdy says at these times maks ony diffrince, except tae show that they're there. Ah'm here, Fey, for aa the guid that diz ye.
Fey Hag

Strange tae say Neil it does a lot of guid.
Thank you.

Sincere condolences on the loss of your husband,Fey.

Fey are you OK?

I hope you havent been affected by the floods Which I saw on TV last

Fingers crossed. I just hope they werent near you

Fondest  Regards

Neil (the other one)
Fey Hag

Ah'm fine Neil it's just aw ra  rich folk slidin off ra hills.
Ah'm safe doon on ra flat we all ra other peasants.

Didn't even get a guid puddle in the yard

The poor town took a bit of a hammering though.
I canna drive to town yet as the roads are closed.
Thanks for asking

Just thought I'd let you know why Fey isny bothered.

Kiwi's are able to make their ain booze.

I've got a couple of cousins in Kiwiland (who hasn't) who make whisky.... and gin... and vodka.... and.... etc etc.

It's an eye opener. You're not talking about a couple of pints of whisky...... The cousin had at least 20 gallons of brammer whisky in his shed ..... in Greymouth.... His wife gave us a taste.

It wis fucking brilliant.

His wife come's frae Aberdeen.

That's whit we got!

20 fucking gallons and all she gave us wis a "taste".

See the next Furrybooter who comes tae the grate Clash's hoose?

XXXX beer. That will fix them.
Fey Hag

Aye Clash ir richt  
Wur pollytushins oked booze makin fer plain folk a while back.

Noo while ra local inhabitants ur on thier backs buzzin, the bluidy Pollies have sold ra whole friggin Country. Rolling Eyes

Ach Fey, I've only just seen this. I'm late to the wake again. What can I say except, I'm so sorry.

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