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Jings, wit a saga!

Ahmurny tawkin auld curmudgin holibags either. Wur huvin grand fun wi wur technology at the mo. Wot wi pooters gaun phut and losin aw wur data - AGAIN! Is it me ah wunder? An then fan a get a machine wit sorty wurks ah canny mind aw may IDs an logins cos ah wis lettin Firefox handle aw thon. Ahur daein sumthin real revolutionary iss time and writin awra login stuff in a wee black buik wit ah huv. Kinna defeats ra object, but wit kin ye dae?

PeeEss, is it jist me ur hus ra FF Fowrum gone walkabout? Ah went luikin fur thum a whiley back jist tae see if they kent about Heidy and cuid find ra site but no ra forum.

They a' hing oot here these days.

They never -as far as I could see - mentioned Heidy, but I'm sure they'll know, either fae reading this forum or else Westie's wan.

Yeah, sadly the other site has been eaten by computery gremlins and is still dead, I think.

There's a lot of gremlins about, actually.   I had computer hassles like Senga's with the machine refusing to accept that it had a hard disk and therefore not running, but now I've got a wee laptop from Ebay, old but working.  Then the gremlins came again and fried a wee electric fan heater - ooh, pretty showers of sparks at the plug thingwie on the wall!    Shocked     And I thought my washing machine had died too but it was just being odd.   I reckon it's a ghostly Heidy playing silly buggers with all my electrickery.   I will now make sure to keep a torch beside me at all times for when they gremlinise the light bulbs.  

The wee laptop is cute - its Ebay description involved "the hinges broke so I fixed it with two strips of metal and some pop rivets and oh yeah, the flex is held together with tape now 'cos the dog tried to eat it".   I decided this sounded like a very honest seller so it was worth buying it.   So far it has no evil demons.

It's good to see you about again, Senga.   I hope the computer you have now behaves.    

Merry Bah Humbugs to everyone.     Smile

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