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It's time we raised the tone o' ra Leki's hut wi' a book rev

(Fuck! The tight-fistit wee bastirt hus fund a way o' restrictin' ra number o' letters ye can rite in the title)



Whits a buik rev? Issat when ye turn ra pages?

Prob some of youse what can read have read this b4.

Its the autobiog of an Australian digger in WW1 called "Somme Mud".  He wrote it in 1920s but wasn't published to 2004.

Excerpt : War is over  Diggers are waiting to be inspected by King GeorgeV
He is running late troops have been waiting for hours so some drift away for a game of Two-up.  Word arrives the King is coming so an Officer is send to get them back.....

Read on
Fey Hag

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