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Fey Hag

If yea care

Mah bluidy Hotmail & whitever it wus that let me ken friends wur on line, is noo deid.
Canna git in canna git inny sense oot uv ra bastit thing.

We a great passion ah hate Microscroat.

Bluidy Vista stuffed oop mah foties--canna print more thin one at a time ---whit was wrang we photie wizzard that they had to can it?

Ah'm sor thinkin of tryin ta ken Mac so ah am.

Afordin it wuid be a fine thing Crying or Very sad  Twisted Evil  Evil or Very Mad

Re: If yea care

Fey Hag wrote:

Ah'm sor thinkin of tryin ta ken Mac so ah am.

Afordin it wuid be a fine thing Crying or Very sad  Twisted Evil  Evil or Very Mad

Nah, with the kind of luck you're having just now, anything from Apple would just fall on your head.   Or be full of worms or something.   Sad

How is your broken toe getting along?

Aye aw windies stuff is shyte and The msn messenger is wuRse than shyte keeps drappin aff an upgradin,haw haw,itsel an makin up soashul contacts...withoot as much as a by yer leave,,thats how Ahm noo oan skype better vid sound everythin and its FREE! Wink

Fey how dae ye no use picassa fur yer foties rerr wee free prog so it is!

Fey, ye cuid aye gae Linux a go. Ah've used Ubuntu (a vershun o Linux) afore an it wiz great. Ah cuidna wean the Mrs. Neil aff the Microshite so Ah hud tae abandon the experiment, but it wiz a bluidy guid system... and FREE!!!

Neil, Heidy, So, how scary is Linux, really?  Obviously I keep thinking I'd want to give it a go, but I'm damn sure I can't risk messing up my computer if I get it wrong.  And mibbe Fey feels the same way.   Seems to me it might involve a whole lot more getting back to remembering proper sorts of command line stuff, as opposed to clicking wee buttons on Windows, but I might be wrong about that.

I suppose we all feel that minimising use of Microsoft would be good, but oh the fear and terror!   Crying or Very sad

And I've just remembered one of the things that worried me last time I was working up enough bravery to have a go at Linux - that I seem to recall that the disc that comes from the ISP (TalkTalk, in my case) assumes the use of Windows, so I thought "how would I make it talk to whatever Linux version?"   Oh, wait, I *suppose* if the machine was already set up to talk to the ISP with Win XP, it is none of the ISP's concern what operating system I later use.  Or mibbe not?  See?  Such a minefield.  

Ah! I have just thought - now, Fey Hag, seeing as you probably can't go far with this sore broken toe, here is a grand chance* to test it out and sit at your computer for days on end testing out Linux.  Smile   Make Mr. Fey do all the cooking and stuff and you must sit and rest your foot at the computer.   You are allowed to stop sometimes to sleep etc, if you *really* must. Smile   Any way, it's only fair that you should suffer a bit 'cos you have summer while all here in Scotland are wintery miserable and cold.  

* See, it is not a very painful broken foot and an embuggerance, but a Challenge and a Valuable Learning Opportunity!   Oh I am glad to be so safely far enough away that Fey can't kick me with the working foot. Smile   About which, how is it now?  Seen doctor?   What happens?  Do you need to go to hostilepile or what?  I really hope it gets better soon.

Ah huvny made the jump to linux the farthest Ah hiv gone is use firefox as ma browser......
Feart...naw no me...... Cool

Aww!   An here I thought you were the great brave wee electickery man, whereby nothing with wires is foreign to you.   Heroic Leki!  "With one bold jumplead Frank is free" and so on.

Oh woe.   Sad     Oh well.  And I suppose I can guess now that the only reason you ever began to use Firefox is in the hope that it would get cats away from your garden and your fishtank.  But cats is craftier than foxes and fishes.   Laughing

Ubuntu Linux is easy peasy. Linux an the Mac operatin system are baith based on Unix so Ubuntu luiks an funkshuns a lot like a Mac. Ye dinna need ony command line stuff unless ye're tryin tae dae somethin affa cliver - like faan Ah tried tae get ma scanner tae spik tae the compuchter.

If ye've a fairly new compuchter wi a fair bit o room on yer hard disk ye kin partishun yer disk an hae baith Windaes an Linux on it. Then ye kin choose fit een tae run ilka time ye restart the compuchter. Ae thing though, ye'll need a CD writer so's ye kin doonload the saftware tae start wi; ye pit it on a CD faan ye first doonload it an then ye boot yer compuchter fae the CD. Ye kin run Ububtu aff the CD tae try it oot for a wee whilie an then, faan ye're feelin a wee bit braver, ye kin tell Ubuntu tae format a partition on yer hard disk an install itsel on yer compuchter.

Faan ye doonload Ubuntu ye get stuff like Firefox an Open Office included wi the operatin system so ye're ready tae go as seen's ye boot it up. If it wisna for the Mrs. Neil hae'n extreme difficulty learnin new stuff since her brain injury Ah'd hae dumped Windaes ages ago an Ah'd be on Linux aa the time.
Fey Hag

Ah sent awa for it (Ubuntu) got brave, crossed fingers 'n toes -stuck it in ra discy thing - I think Microscrote ate it.
Kudnae find it anywhere. Wus feart tae try again.

Foot sorta wuirkin,  off crutch; nasty wee niggles but ah'm almost back at foo function.
Mr Fey kuik?  my wee furry friend yea jest, he's a retired Chef no 'a bluidy skivvy' in his ain wurds.
Retired me??! whit ra blankity blank it that?

Wud like enuff time ta sort it.

Use open Office & find it guid, Firefox luv it.
Tried ta load on skype  but ra cheap nasty PC ah own went on strike; slow as a wet week, so tuik it off.

Have just plugged in an extra drive???? no idea whit it is doing

Bein auld 'n daft is a bit of a handicap yea ken. Embarassed

Ah'm fair confrustratid as mah bairn usta sey.   Rolling Eyes
Fey Hag

Heidy wrote:
Fey how dae ye no use picassa fur yer foties rerr wee free prog so it is!

Thanks Heidy yir a pal, ah'll giv it a try, ( I loved fotie wizard ah kent ra diagrams) but ah'm no ra brightest star in ra firmament 'n dinna ken harf ra puter speak.

Fey Hag wrote:
Ah sent awa for it (Ubuntu) got brave, crossed fingers 'n toes -stuck it in ra discy thing - I think Microscrote ate it.
Kudnae find it anywhere. Wus feart tae try again.

Did ye try tae boot yer compuchter fae the CD? Ye jist pit the CD in the drive an restart yer compuchter. Yer compuchter shuid recognise the CD an ask ye tae press a key if ye waant tae boot fae the disc.

Microshite disna recognise discs formatted for Unix so mibbe that's fit wye it didna see yer ceedee. Try bootin fae the ceedee an see fit happens.
Fey Hag

Och ah got all excited.
Neil had given me a new chance.
Checked ra CD n' whit Neil seid wus richt.
Bein high summer heir 'n me a determined healthy vegie grower (no a gardenr yea ken) whaterin is foo time so ah'm champin at ra bit to get to ra puter & try oot bein an Ubuntu user.
Big grin on muh gob.

High noon---- plants ok, canna go oot we oot being roasted sooo a wee break we ra 'puter.

Put in disc --  switched on --- friggin Microscroat kicks ma wee program inta touch.
Did the restart 3 times --- Ubuntu nill ---  Microscrote 3.

Ah hate friggin Vista    

Fey... faan ye boot up yer compuchter, haud doon the F12 key whiles it's startin up.

Ye shuid get tae a screen that asks ye fit device ye're needin tae boot fae.

Select the CD drive an go!

If ye haud doon the F2 key faan ye're bootin up ye'll get tae a screen that let's ye set up aa kinds o stuff. There's a section in there that let's ye select fit devices ye kin boot up fae an in fit order. Ye kin tell yer compuchter tae boot fae the CD first an it'll check the CD drive ilka time it starts. If there's nae disc in the drive the compuchter'll move on tae the next device in yer list (like mibbe yer hard disc).

My computer has been acting nastily these last few days, so I'm not going to risk trying any clever stuff.   Crying or Very sad

I hope Fey is having more luck now.  Smile
Fey Hag

Naw hen ah arenae. Sorry ta heir yir 'puter is playin silly buggas.
Do yea use Crap Cleaner? Braw so it is.
Cried CCleaner ah git it fra doonload dot com. Verra safe place.

Ra dey ah read this response fra Neil (an dinna get me wrong ah wus overjoyed 'n foo of hope)  ah had anithir jab in ra ean.
Noo a guidin.
Spent whole dee at ra bluidy hospittle luikin throo great black blobs.
Ah'm noo ainly slightly squiffy of ean, an hope ta give it a real try when awl ra family decamp after mah Birfdee on ra 6th.

Ah'm verra gratefoo ta Neil fer botherin we an auld daftin.

Yoo twa Heidie.
Ra photie tip wus richt braw; ah can print photies agen. Wahee!!
Yir a guid pal.

Oh shit, I'm sorry to hear about your eye, Fey.     Crying or Very sad     And here was me thinking myself so clever and efficient for finally going to the optician yesterday.  I hope your eye gets better - I really do.   Stuff wrong with eyes is a bit scary, and we don't want you blindly going around breaking more toes.   Smile  You have had enough accidents for now!   So just stop it at once and be healthy for your birthday.   Haha, I just remembered, the other day I decided to cut my hair and damn nearly shoved the scissors into  my eye.  Advice to Fey - don't try that.     Embarassed

What I could do, I suppose, is drag out an old dead computer (can't recall what it died off) and see whether I could use it to try out Linux, following Neil's helpful advice.   It would be lovely to feel good and clever and free of Microsoft.

In case evil befalls the CelynComputer or the bloody insane and incomprehensible TalkTalk "support", I'll wish you a happy birthday now. in advance.  Have lots of cake and stuff.

Happy birthday tomorrow Fey. Please be careful & look after yoursef

XXX the other Neil

PS Happy WAITANGI day tomorrow too


Happy belated birthday, Fey.
And many happy returns! Very Happy
Fey Hag

Och yir awl verra kind.
Ah had a grand dee ean if ra bluidy weather tried ta fry me.

Neil ah ken yir gonna think ah'm puir daft, but I did follow yir directions under ra ean of a savvy son-in-law.
Microscroat jist stomped awl oar every move,
S-I-L jist shrugged 'n seid, "wheel whit dee yea expect, thir gonna no let anither operatin system in rahind thum ar they'.

Ah have officially gean oop noo.

Savin --wull buy a wee lappy  we oot Microscroat 'n load ut oan.
If ah dinna faw off ra perch furst.
Savin on a penshun takes ra deil's  ain tyme.

Fey, Ah'm sorry tae hear o yer travails.

Nithin ventured, nithin gained, eh?

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