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If Alba disnae turn up soon.....

......Ah'm resignin mah moderaturship in favour o' eez dug, Hoolie. And Ah'll be chergin' ra transfer fee tae Hoolie's owner.

Naw naw hows aboot we turn this pless inty a Pirates Cove wher we aw talk pirate annat?


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Posted: Thu May 28, 2009 7:58 pm    Post subject: Re: Lissin tae this...    


Heidy wrote:
An guess whit Ah fancie stertin....oooh Arrrrrr....

A cannibis ferm? A acid lab?

Ye huv! Ye've gone an dunnit, huvn't ye!


Ah warned ye Alba!

On the groonds that (A) Ah dinnae want the onnyrus task o' modertatin a pert o' ra forum that naebdie boathers wi', and (B) Ah huvnae a scoobie whit Heidy's oan aboot (and huv serious doubts concernin' whit he's jist on) the nicht so Ah cannae moderate him at a', Ah've arranged fer yer dug tae take ower.

Yer invoice furra transfer fee plus the indisclosed sum Ah hud tae pay ra various Admins is in ra poast.

Weel Ah um verr honirt tae accept ra runnin o iss Kennel an dis ra modship come wi chewin hings an real dug scran annat? An who is goanny take me oot walkies an pick up ma shyte when Ah lay a loaf oan ra sidewalk?

a loaf!!! hahahahaha..yie cannie manije a crust ya wee shyte(er)

taday, I'm away tae pit a new roof oan the frunt porch. Probably take 45 minits tae an hoor tae complete. Back in a wee bit then...................

Right, we'll see ye in aboot a fortnight then. Mind an keep some elastyplasts and bandijes handy.

And best no tae bleed oan the hoose flerrs or yer missus'll no be awfy pleased.

thanks mate. Need a body transplant the noo.
Mibbey ah shood ah covered up the flooers afore ah flung the shingles aff the roof...that's plan B.......or mibbey plan fuckin "A" if yer ah dragon inclined type ah persin.

ah hate roofin wey a pashin. it's rainin noo (bastirt).I'm away furra beer.

At's another quarter end almoast dun.  At least ah'm no wurkin this weekend. I'm away tae play oan the water. Or mibbey watch the tour.....or mibbey ah bit ah the golf...nah fukkit.............water it is.

An how cum a dugs a mod oan here??

Cos iss pless isra dug's bollox an ah bleev he wis luikin fur sum.

Ma jaikit's oan an ahmur leggin it.

it's nearly case yer askin annat,
Fey Hag

Didja faw orf ra bluidy roof?  Rolling Eyes

Yea fergot oos admit it.  Evil or Very Mad

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