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Ice and wood chips.

'cause Ah didnae clear ra drive and ra paths properly, Ah've noo got a skatin' rink a' roond ra hoose. So Ah wiz lookin' fer sum'hin' ither that salt tae shift it.

Courtesy o' Google, Ah discovert that sum fowlk yazes wood chips........

The thing is, Ah've got it in ra back o' my mind that Ah seen some telly programme a whiles back aboot a unexpectit an' amazin' discovery made during WWII. It wiz (if Ah got it richt) that blocks o' ice wi' wood chips (or maybes it wis saw dust) mixed in wiz damn near indestructable. Apart fae meltin much slower than ice on it's ane, they wiz near enough bomb-proof. They were tougher than concrete and some fowlk wanted tae use them tae make floating landing strips at sea. Does ony o' youse mind o' ever seeing thon programme?

Ah've been a Googlin', but cannae find nae reference tae it or tae ra blocks o' ice and wood chips.

Editit biitie.

Poor as my memory is and naive wee innercent whit Ah maybe, Ah'm reasonably sure Ah didnae see thon proggy on 1st April nor nu'hin'

Weel a floatin landin strip widny last long if it wis oot at sea annat an en they wid get a shock tryin tae tutch doon oan a wid slick!

Maybes that's why they didnae dae it in ra end.

But on thon programme, they beltit it wi' muckle great hammers, strapped dynamite tae it and dun a' sorts tae it, and in every test, it turned oot tae be stronger than concrete.

It wis called Pykerete.

Telt ye!
Fey Hag

Brilliant --ra collective memory roond heir is fantastic  

It didnae wark here Sad

Ah dinna hink fillin yer boots wi ice an wuid chips is quite with they hud in mind Oz.

SengaMcp wrote:
Ah dinna hink fillin yer boots wi ice an wuid chips is quite with they hud in mind Oz.

Ah so thats whaur ah went Wrang.

Mibbee if I bocht a pair aw  wellies that wid help Idea

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