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I'm Going To Be A Parking Meter When I Grow Up.

Because then I could charge £1333 for half an hour's W***.  

A mother of two got a shock when she returned from a 30-minute shopping trip to be told her car parking would cost her £1,333.
The machine normally charges 50p an hour but it had calculated her stay at 308 days.

She said: ‘I was just buying a few bits and bobs. When I put my token in to pay I couldn’t believe it.’ Mrs Slater,  from Norton Leys, Warwickshire, parked in the Clock Towers Shopping Centre multi-storey in Rugby on Saturday.

She said: ‘When I called security and told him how much it would cost, he said, “Yes, that’s correct”.’ Car park bosses eventually admitted the computer had misread the ticket and apologised. ...

At that rate, I would have half the town dying of shock and heart attacks within a day.   Laughing

she is said to be a beauty pageant organiser so you think she would look better than that to go out in public. A hair brush would be a good start.

A Hairbrush?  What is this "hairbrush" of which you speak?

Signed: an anonymous scruff person.

"Beauty Pageant Organiser"?  Is thon like the  "Miss World" stuff, or the even more evil young kiddie 'beauty' stuff.  Like wee young weans, and the JonBenet Ramsay sort of  thing?  In either case, Oh dear. Oh woe. Shocked

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