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I'm back...

Sort of. Jay has kept me up to date and Clash's threat to come over and sort me out scared me so much I had to act fast. I couldn't cope with the smell of burnt sausages

As you all know I've been really very ill, I still am but I'm not out yet and slowly getting back in fighting trim. It's hard though and I've been forced to draw in my horns quite drastically as I only have so much strength and the family has to come first. I have spent a long time feeling sorry for myself as well, but I'm slowly getting past that too. I can't promise I'll be around much, but I'll try.

Things are looking up for Jay he has a new job starting next month, it's term by term teaching micro-engineering at a local uni. It pays the bills and that's all we need. Things are really bleak on the jobs market here, but I guess it's the same all over.

I've lost all your emails (long story) so if you PM me I'll send your my new addy and we can catch up.

I hope you're all keeping well and look forward to hearing from you.

Ooh, welcome back!      Very Happy     I woke up and thought I'd mess with computer for an hour if it's working and now I'm glad I did.

I hope you can continue to feel better.   Don't aim for "fighting trim" - just a nice non-violent "feeling OK and happy" sort of trim would be fine.   Smile   That's good news about Jay's new job.   If it pays the bills, that's less stress for all of you.   And anyway, I'd hate to think of you starving and having to eat all your wee dogs.

Oh, I'm really pleased to see you back, even if it will only be once in a while.   Smile

Aye, ye've been missed.

It wisny me who sent the email honest. It wis dosser or wis it heidi or maybe wosisname the lekki trying to be the grate tanned an musselly and famus Clash (That's whit Alba's dragon lady sais anyway).

Isn't it great that rid heided wan is thinking about  starting tae kick fuck out o Jay again?

Welcome back Senga, we have missed you. So long as you can pay the bills and keep a roof over your heads, then that is all that matters. I will PM you my addy but I've been having a rough patch myself and think maybe you don't need the details of it all in your head. But - I am ok and getting on with things here. We both need to go onwards and upwards.
sending hugs

Aboot bluidy time!

By my calculations, ye owe us aboot a hunner-an-forty posts plus interests. This place jist disnae function when yer no' here. (Ah think some o' ra members must be quite fond o' ye, maybe.)

Glad to see you back & on the road to recovery.  Just take it easy & dont push it.
Fey Hag

Having just pulled Himself oot of the garden where he had face planted.
Havin tae get St John ta hoist hum op.
Then found ra bluidy washin machin had droped deid on me.
Wrenched mah gammy hip tryin tae get Himself tae bed.

Ah sat doon 'n clicked on here tae share ra misery.

Ah'm sittin we a great big grin on mah gob.
Senga's back! Alls richt we ra wurld

Yiv made ma day; nae yiv made ra bluidy munth. Laughing

Bloody hell, Fey!    Shocked    Never a dull moment at your house, eh?  Still, that's  some character reference for Senga, if she makes it all seem better.

Take care of yourself!   I've lately been observing the joys of gammy hips when my Dad got a replacement one.

Senga - so now we know it takes the threat of burnt sausages to invoke your presence.  <Makes note to buy sausages >.   It's really great to see you back, so I hope you can pop in when you feel up to it.
Fey Hag

I've lately been observing the joys of gammy hips when my Dad got a replacement one.

Celyn Your Father is very lucky to have you there for him while going through a hip replacement.
Yir a braw dauchter1

Right... that's enough o the Senga luuurve; she's gonny start thinking she's mair popular than Sliced Bread.

Talkin aboot erses.... where's heidi?

an Alba?

an a'body else.

PS Fey: Wasn't it fucken brilliant that Australia beat your mob last night? Bet you're feeling really really confident for the world cup..... again..... once more.... etc etc. heh heh heh.

PPS Senga's got a couple of hefty sons who she says could kick fuck oot of any Weepy Pirus any day.

glad yer feeling better Senga

noo thats done - when kin yoo se yer way tae trackin doon a long lost rellie of mine who lives (if thur no deid by noo) in yoor neck of the woods?

nae rush like,,,,,,
Fey Hag

Yir richt thir Clash; ah wus dead feart they wud win that one again & nobble thumsels fer ra bigun

Ar yea crossin ra ditch fer a few guid bevvies during awl ra hooha?

Gotta encourage some dosh inta this bankrupt bluidy ootfit.

Wer gonna be on ra bones uv wur arses peyin fer thus rubbush. Embarassed

Gettin ra bluidy WRC wus a hospital pass puir 'n simple.

Bet it wus a flamin Aussie plot.

State of Origin result was great too, dont you agree Clash?  Very Happy

Poor you Fey you have my sympathy twice over.

So nice to see a post  from you, Senga. I hope your health keeps improving.
Good luck to Jay in his new job.

And it's guid tae see you back annaw, hen. I hope he stick around and post some more.

Sad to say, these days I'm just a lurker, Dosser.
I've got nuff'n.... Sorry Sad

It's a wonderful thing being a Lurker.
A Lurker is a wonderful thing.
She's nicey wicey, dicey, quincy and fun fun fun fun fun.

It's a wonderful thing being a Lurker.
Any chance of a tap?

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