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Here is a Much Needed Laugh

Tony Blair to the rescue of the "NO" campaign.

FORMER Prime Minister Tony Blair has raised the prospect of taking a prominent role in the fight against independence after stating he would be "very happy to play a part" in the pro-UK referendum campaign.

TONY BLAIR: Is confident of defeating the Nationalists in poll.

After his comments, the Better Together campaign said Mr Blair was a big political player and it would be willing to discuss his participation in the run-up to the 2014 referendum.

However, the SNP said his intervention was an "early Christmas present" for the Yes campaign.

The ex-premier, speaking at a lunch hosted by Westminster journalists, denied devolution had been the "spur to independence" but stressed that if devolution had not happened the battle over Scottish independence would have come earlier.

He said: "Devolution is a sensible way of keeping all the strengths of the United Kingdom while allowing decisions that really should be taken close to the people to be taken close to the people."

"If we had not done it, we would have had huge pressure for change building up in Scotland.

"There was always going to be a period of time when the Nationalists came forward.

"We're going to have to take their argument on and beat them. I think we can."

Asked if he would play a role in the pro-UK campaign, he replied: "I'm very happy to play a part in it but it's up to those who are going to organise the campaign."

In contrast, the SNP said it believed any involvement by Mr Blair in the pro-UK campaign would backfire.

Kenneth Gibson, the SNP MSP, said: "Tony Blair's cack-handed intervention at Westminster is an early Christmas present for the Yes campaign."

He likened any intervention by the former PM to You can't say that in here's visit to Scotland in the final stages of the 1997 devolution referendum campaign.


Decisions close to the people?   Hell, Trident is too close to me but I don't get much say in it.   Scotland doesn't get much say in monetary policy or wars started by lying bastards like Blair either.  (Blairstards?)

So he's going to take on nationalist arguments and beat them.   He thinks "WE can".   Who is "WE"?   He's not elected to any bloody thing right now, is he?

So it's sort of annoying and amusing all at once.   Because I REALLY cannot see this being good news for the NO campaign.   Laughing

LOL Lol lol AND LOL to the power of 100.    Laughing

Move over Darling........

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