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Fey Hag

Googlin kat recipes soaham

Efter much laboor intensife doctorin' ay mah soil, (feit jist soo sore) plantin' took place.

Went oot next morn tae fin' 'at every moggie in th' neighboorhuid hud dain a lavvy run; tossin' mah puir wee plants hither & yon.

Spent th' whole day makin' moggie fences & mutterin' greem imprecations.Evil or Very Mad

Hae ne'er eaten a meat eater; but abit noo ah coods be huir uv a tempted indeed.   Twisted Evil

Errs nowt wrang wi' Kitten Chow Mein urr Cat Foo Yung.

An ye cannie ignore the kitten supper like they serve up in Dimb Bartinn......

Try antifreeze or creosote laced cat scran ...workes a treat so it does....... Twisted Evil

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