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Don't we have a member who keep fish?  Ach, dammit, that was Heidie.   Sad

Anyway, here is a cheerful story for youse.


Goldfish recovering after 'high-risk' tumour removal
A goldfish in Australia is recovering from surgery after a life-threatening tumour was removed from its brain in a "high-risk" operation.

George, whose owner lives in Melbourne, was put under general anaesthetic for the $200 (£125) procedure.

Dr Tristan Rich, who carried out the operation, told Melbourne's 3AW radio station that the fish was now "up and about and swimming around".

Vets say the 10-year-old fish is now expected to live for another 20 years.

"George had a quite large tumour on the top of his head that was growing slowly, and it was beginning to affect his quality of life," Dr Rich from the Lort Smith Animal Hospital said.

George's owner was given the choice between an operation or having the fish put to sleep.

"She was dedicated enough to give it a go," he said.

He added that the fish was kept alive by pumping oxygenated pond water through its gills.

Dr Rich described the 45-minute operation as "fiddly".

Having a goldfish "put to sleep"?  When I was a wean, my goldfish always died pretty young.    Oh well, I'm glad its quality of life will be better.    Another 20 glorious happy years of going round and round and round.

When I wis about twelve I had a maaajor realisation:

Tortoises which stop moving are no actually deid!.... just resting.

It wis efter burying tortoise number three (the one that managed tae dig it's way from three feet underground) that I worked out that animals aren't actually moving toys.

I had a guinea pig..... no.... the smaller wan.... a hamster. It wisny looking too canny so I decided it must be in pain. I read that gas wis the way to go to pit wee animals out of their misery.

I remembered that my parents had just changed the starter fire to north sea gas.

Carefully I lined a box with heather or something similar and placed my hamster in the box.

Downstairs I crept intae the drawing room and gently pit the box beside the gas pipe.... I turned the tap on .... and slowly walked away.... with tears pouring frae my eyes.

The following morning I went downstairs with a heavy heart. I had already dug a small hole in the front garden.

My hamster wis sitting up raring to go. The gas wis still hissing away merrily.

I honestly canny remember how long my wee hamster remained alive but it wis years and years later when I discovered this fact.

North Sea Gas is not poisonous

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