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Ghost Hunting - How Not To Do It.

A fun item from the "Sun".

An amateur spook-hunter waiting to catch a glimpse of a legendary "ghost train" was killed by a REAL train as he stood waiting on the tracks.

Christopher Kaiser, 29, was with some pals on a railway bridge hoping to see the paranormal spectacle exactly 119 years after a deadly train crash...

Darwin Award?

Re: Ghost Hunting - How Not To Do It.

Before he was hit and killed by the train - which had three engines and one car - Christopher managed to push his girlfriend from the trestle bridge.

She plunged 30ft in a ravine below and was airlifted to hospital.

Yesterday his parents, from Charlotte, North Carolina, paid tribute to their son who investigated paranormal activity for a hobby.

Nancy Kaiser said: "To us, he'll always be a hero."

She added: "He kissed her, said I love you and pushed her off the trestle to save her life. What more is there to say?"

Fit mair is there tae say??? If he'd the time tae dae aa that he'd the time tae jump wi the quine!

Celyn wrote:
Darwin Award?

Fey Hag

Bluidy Hell!! Ut's cryed cleanin ra gene pool.

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