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Fey Hag

Gentle wumanly care

Jake was dyin'.

His guidwife sat at th' bedside.

He looked up an' said weakly:

'I hae somethin' Ah main confess.'

'There's nae need tae, 'his guidwife replied.

'No,' he insisted, 'I want tae die in peace.

I slept wi' yer sister, yer best mukker, her best mukker, an' yer maw!'

'I ken,' she replied.

'Naw jist rest an' lit th' poison wark.'

Ah shifted iss yin Fey, cos while it's deid funny annat, it's no zackly political.

Weel ats a wummin drivuur fur ye ...canny evin reverse it inty ra joke threed...... Laughing
Fey Hag

Whar did ah leave it layin aboot? Canna  remembur Rolling Eyes

wimmin are aye "tidying up". Things are nivir whaur I left them. Crying or Very sad

Whin I ask whaur the hell it is am telt "whaur did ye leave it?" When ah tell her get answer "Well thats nae whaur ut bides"   Ye cannae win Rolling Eyes

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