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Fuggin telly........

Whit issit aboot the telly nooadays? Every fuggin minit is devotit tae fuggin soaps and stoaries aboot soaps an actawrs in fuggin soaps...its aw gettin tae be a bit o a brain donor scenario...evin oan quiz progs thers questions aboot fuggin soaps an oan chat stuff they go oan aboot soaps an ther "plots"   thers merr episodes o soaps oan some nites than onythin else an then repeats an fuggin omnifuggin bus versions oan sundays ...Ahm tellin ye Ahm begginin tae see the wisdom in thon Auld Gits altitude tae telly...wher is the auld grump this wethuur onywey?
Pee Ess Ah hiv heard (wink wink nudge nudge) thats he is sherrin the contents o his bowels an stomach wi aw an sundry oan the "soashul netwurkin" sites brw..... Wink

oi mingebag - we were having a conversation about recipes for soup and curry so ner to you.

as to telly - watch Mongrels on BBC3, best thing on just now

weejan wrote:
we were having a conversation about recipes for soup and curry so ner to you.

Oddly enough, whenever I switch oan ra telly, a' that ever seems tae be on is bluidy cookery programmes.

A' ra time............. Every day........... Thur nu'hin oan but cookery programmes.

1/ Unplug yer TV frae ra lekki sockit and despatch it unceremoniously intae a handy skip.

2/ Switch oan yer wireless radio (valve wans tend no tae W*** very weel nooadays Heidy) and tune it intae BBC radio Fower.

3/ Be enthralled at the variety of programmes that ye kin actually enjoy listening tae.*

* Wi the absolute exception of jist eftir the 2pm and 7pm news bulletins when ye get 15 minutes of stultifyingly tedious pish otherwise named 'The Archers' - which wis the forerunner of all soaps and needs tae be binned like aw the rest.

Yours aye.



Ahll hiv ye know that valve rauios noo ur de rigoor nooadays an much sought eftuur! An how come yer no sherrin ra contents o yer dinner plate wi us oan here ur we too doonmerkit fur ye?Hehehehehe an as fur you weejan less o ra ner ner ner abyoose an lets see some o ra curries yer rattlin up fur yersel.... Cool
Fey Hag

Ah'm we AG (naice ta see yir nae deid) enjoy ra wireless.

TV gets mah atteshun fer 'New Tricks' no a bad wee program, apart fra that yea kin keep it.

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