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Fireworks go in air, not in arse

Unless you're this bloke:

A MAN has suffered serious injuries after putting a firework between his buttocks.

He burnt his backside, back and genitals.

Senior Sergeant Garry Smith said: "It probably seemed like a good idea at the time."

The man was flown to the burns unit in Adelaide yesterday.

The stunt backfired at a party in Rossiter St, Rapid Creek, Darwin, just before midnight on Saturday.

I thinks it's fun that this eejit is in Darwin,  seeing as he's nearly in line for a Darwin Award.   Smile

Why would you put things that burn in your bum?      Confused

I dont know. plenty of people eat vindaloo

Saw this on our Oz tellie and still can't believe that this complete arse.... heh heh heh.... would think he could go against Newton's Theory of relativity which is .....fuckit canny remember the actu... every thing has an opposite.... therefore.... oh aye...

If you pit a firework up yer arse to make it go forward then the backlash is gonny go back up yer arse.

What a fuckwit.

Ah think sumbdy shuid send this guy a recordin o Johnny Cash singin Ring of Fire so's he kin play it ower an ower again.

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