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Fey's Floods

Haha, having just read about this 50 year flood in the other thread, I felt stupid for having  missed it on the news and looked it up on Google.  

First, I had a bit of a brain-fart moment, 'cos I thought, when keying in "December 2011" "no, Celyn, it is summer over there, so you'd better look for June".   EH?   Bash self on head!    Embarassed

Anyway the first wee video I found about this 50 year flood explained it all to me - it's because of biblical prophecies and because the lord Jesus is "grieved".      Rolling Eyes    So there you have it.

But Wiki more sensibly went on about Hurricane Wilma.   Wilma sounds like a fierce old lady with horned specs and one of those old-time shopping bags.   So mibbe Wilma was grieved.

Of course, if you will have a country named "sea-land", you'd have to expect a whole bundle of water, really.  But I'm glad our Fey is OK and not under water.

Read that wan twice Panda but have nae idea whit the fuck you're on about so I did a quick check just in case you'd been reading thon Oirishman who wrote about seasides.... I think....

Fuckin librarians... You've been nattering to Fey again haven't you?

She's probably the only other wan who understood Ulysses or Portrait etc.

That wid explain how nae kunt kin understand eether of you.

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