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F@@king Tim Henman

Andy Murray wins Olympic gold and what do the fucking BBC do? They interview Tim fucking Henman! Is it any wonder I despise the BBC?

Fuckers, they'll never accept Andy for the great player he is but will always pander to that mediocre nobody Henman. It's not called the All England Club for nothing.

There was a very quick interview with him right after he'd won, but there was no interview with Sue Barker.

Claire Balding said that was something to do with Olympic "rules" or some such.

When Andy Murray and Laura Robson lost in the mixed doubles, they were interviewed immediately, but the Belarus couple that won wurnae.

Maybe the winners have to go off for immediate drugs tests or something. But like I said, Claire Balding said something about "rules".

And which medal did Timmy Henman win? Why was he interviewed? What do the Olympic rules have to say about interviewing Tim, nice but dim, Henman?

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