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Erzi roomurr gaun roon...

.... at ye kin buy ra Gers furra quid. Ah huv 5p tae no pit inra pot, foo aboot ra
rest o yese?

I think Ol' Tin Man got out befoer the posse caught up wi' him.
Now he pleads innocence everywhere and constantly,

methinks beware him that protesteth too much?

Buy Rangers for a quid?   Nah, think how much bread and bananas and actually useful stuff you can get for a quid.   I've got a pocket full of pennies and 2p bits tae no put intae the pot.

Oh wait, football teams tend to have lots of athletic young men with short trousers, don't they?     Hmmm, I might possibly rethink this.     Laughing

*rummages in purse*

hmmm... the folding will come with me to the pub Very Happy .... But rangers are certainly welcome to the fluff, old lottery tickets, deid moths, plectrums and fingernail clippins. And photies of the boyfriend, from back when he looked like Axl Rose  Crying or Very sad

Yesterday I did archaeological investigations in my jacket pockets so as to clean it for once.   I can now contribute another 27 pence, quite a few oosy fluffy polo mints, ancient shopping lists, prepaid 'bus tickets that ran out of validity months ago, ballpoint pen, lighter, snotty hanky.  To save Rangers I will consider donating all but the last three.

Q - What is a typical Rangers fan tattoo?

A - On one hand it says "GERS" and on the other hand it says "FIN".

ayrshiretattie wrote:
...deid moths, plectrums and fingernail clippins....

First, how do you get deid moths in your pocket?     Surprised    Now I'll be scared of pockets in case they have creepy crawly (ok, fluttery) things in them

Secondly, it's too generous to give them a plectrums.   Plectrums have uses.   Anyway, do their fans understand guitars, or do they only like flutes and big loud drums?

Speakin' o flutes an' drums, reminds me o' my visit to see a friends son play in the Piping school in Glasgow.
Whit a really beautiful afternoon. Lovely venue, great piping.
I met a Boonie Lassie who was there, whose boyf. is a Seargent serving currently, she was going off to Canada to perform as she was a top piper.
About a year later I was in Oran Mor and here was this lovely Lassie all dressed up in traditional clothing  and playing in the Haggis.

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