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Fey Hag

Dinna menshun

Rolling Eyes Ah see it's dinna talk aboot ra Rugby Rolling Eyes

At least ah'm greetin aboot Skoatlund.

Thir gonna kill ra Anglish thoo yea ken. Twisted Evil

Wee green men doin rathur wheel Laughing

Stop skiting

Still in Shock


Prob have to beat South Africa in next round.

Seriously though Go the All Blacks you deserve to win!!!

Scotland hasnt a hope after the Argies beat them

Wahey: a rugby conversation.

The Scottish/Puma's game wis just to pit the sassenach's in a worrying frame of mind; they ken that we're gonny fucken massacre England on Sunday and are shiting it.

Unfortunately Oz is screwed. Deans wis paid millions by NZ to fuck up the Australian rugby team. How many teams can say that they have no idea what to do with the backs and then decide to play a number 8 on the wing?

This weekend is going to be interesting and I'm not moving an inch frae ma couch.

Bugger Scotland managed to lose again  Confused

Look at Tonga though!!! Doesnt bode well for the Froggies
Fey Hag

Ah'm still greetin n ah'v goat a soggie Saltire
Ah'm gettin oot ra Jamesons  fer ra wee green men.
Ah refuse tae contumplate Dan Carter's groin

looks like,I hope,  an NZ -Ireland final

I think NZ will beat us in the semis provided we beat Seth Effricka

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