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Fey Hag

Dangers uv tree huggin

Th' chief hen 'greenie tree-huggin' activist', fa was responsible fur gettin' horses banned frae national parks an' state forests, was climbin' a cabre tae hae a swatch it ower th' forest when an owl attacked 'er fur invadin' it's nestin' site.

In a panic tae escape, she slid doon th' cabre, gettin' a stoatin number ay splinters lodged in 'er huir uv a private area.

In considerable pain she hurried tae th' nearest doctur, tauld heem she was an environmentalist an' hoo she got aw th' splinters.

The Doctur listened wi' stoatin patience an' 'en tauld 'er tae gang intae th' examinin' room an' he woods see if he coods help 'er.

She waited fur thee hoors afair th' doctur reappeared.

Angry, th' hen demanded, 'what took ye sae lang?'
'Weel...' replied th' doctur, '...I hud tae gie permits frae th' Environmental Protection agency; the Forestry service; th' National parks an' Wildlife service; the Wilderness society an' th' department ay conservation an' lain management; afair Ah coods remove 'auld growth timber' frae a 'recreational area' . ... .

I'm surry but they aw turned me doon.'


wisnae Helen  Clarke wiz it?

Braw, Fey!

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