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Had some visitors up fae Ingerlan at the weekend.

He is Scottish.... sort o'. She is English. He went tae see his brither whit lives up here. She went tae visit a Ingerlish pal whit lives up here.

When asked how they'd voted in the referendum, they both, the brither and the pal, came oot wi' a perverse logic that I for one need a bit o' help wi'

Because the brither micht no' aye live here, and because the pal has only been here fower years, they didnae think they had the richt tae get involved.......... And for that reason they baith voted NAW.

Help me please.

Yes should huv tellt them, ( using their shite logic) well seein' as yer no' gonnae live furr-ever, ye might as well daeyer sel' in straight away and stop dilutin ra gene pool.

Didn't think they had the right to get involved so they voted "no"?      Twisted Evil  Twisted Evil  Twisted Evil

I like Nota's idea.

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