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Court Listings.

The Midden is deffo the richt place fur this wan.

A twat o' a neighbour whit Ah huv hatit fer ten years (and have aye strongly suspectit o' bein' a paedo) has been huckled by ra polis and charged wi' something in connection wi' his days as a Scoutmaster.

Ah'm no celebratin' 'cause...... cause...... Thur's victims, and much as Ah'm pleased tae see this twat brocht doon, fae whit Ah hear, ra charges is ower serious tae smile aboot.

A' that said, Ah want tae follow this auld bastirt's progress intae whitever hell awaits him.

How can Ah find when his case is due in court? The internet's nae help so far.

Ah presume he'll be up in Sheriff Court for starters so ye cuid try searchin here for yer local Sherriff Court an the mannie's name.

Thanks, but I tried thon a'ready. It only seems tae list cases heard the day or to be heard the morn'. (It's also possible he's a'ready had his furst trip tae ra court.  Ah furst heard ra story aboot ten days ago and it was confirmed tae me - albeit obliquely - by a reporter on wur local paper today but she wuildnae help me further........  He husnae been seen roond here furra aboot twa or three weeks)

Ah'll maybe gie ra Sheriff's Court a ring and see if there's ither means o' findin' oot whit happens next. (Sadly, Ah suppose that the best whit can happen is that ra bastirt will wind up in jile, safely sectioned-aff wi' a bunch o' ither paedos and in a' enclosed wee society where his behaviour is considered entirely normal.)

Dae yoo no' know any local lawyers(criminal variety) that you could ask, they know everything thats happenin in court

Anyways his furst appearence would huv been procedural, he would huv been bailed ur remanded frae that wan until the main trial probably if he husnae already ur will plead guilty

Seems Ah'm a bit ahent the times wi' events takin' place jist a hunner yards away.

The auld shite hud his furst hearin' jist afore Christmas and entered a plea o' guilty tae five coonts o' sexual assault thirty or so year ago. He wiz due tae go back fer sentencing or something but tried suicide instead. That mustae been aboot six weeks ago. He's still in hospital and it's reckoned he'll no be leavin'.

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