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Chilcot inquiry - Friday 29 Jan

So how long is Pinocchio Bliar's nose gonny get then? Figuratively speaking.

Jist ootae curiosity like.
Fey Hag

Ah will slide ay thes mortal coil wi' a smile oan mah coopon th' day 'at a body an' his wee shrub mukker gang up oan charges fur crimes against humanity.

Hmm.  Well, that's good in a way, as it means our Fey is gonnae live a long long time.    Smile    Sadly, I suspect Teflon Tony will get away with all his crimes.   Evil or Very Mad

Hard to fault the man, he sat there, sooked it up & said his piece. Where do we go from here?

Sadly HH, the bastirt will just blithely carry oan bein his ain version of a world statesman, makin sure his bank accoonts get fatter and fatter.

Lying cunt.

Hollowhorn wrote:
Hard to fault the man, he sat there, sooked it up & said his piece. Where do we go from here?

The Hague if wurr lucky.

Am surprised the Middle East didnae descend intae all out war, as the middle east "peace" envoy hudtae take his eye affra job furra few hours yesterday.
All his good W*** coulda went doonra drain.

Aye the so called fuggin peece envoy is tellin thum aw tyhey wull need tae sort oot iran next....As Ah sais oan anuur 4 um the currint should be gettin a hi-velocity lead messije in his fuggin flappin ears............. Evil or Very Mad

Guid oan ye Clare!

Guid oan her fuckaw...she hus gone an gied that bastirt broon a fuggin let oot by sayin he wis "marginalised"...aye so he fuggin wis ......NOT!
The bastirt held the purstrings..... Evil or Very Mad

It really hurts me tae huv tae say this tae ye, Heidi................

Ye micht hae a point.

Doant be shy noo Dossur ma man,,,we kin ferget aboot that bit o shady goins oan wi ra loabstuur fur ranoo ...say whit ye mean an mean whit ye say! Laughing

Clare... she aye comes up Short o the mark. She left it ower late tae resign ower Iraq an noo she's gaen Broon a get oot o jile free caird. Typical!

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