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Celebrate the START of a war?

Celebrate the  START of a war?

To do so might strike some of us as a wee bit unusual, but not to David Cameron, it seems.

... "Our ambition is a truly national commemoration worthy of this historic centenary," he said.

"A commemoration that captures our national spirit in every corner of the country, from our schools and workplaces, to our town halls and local communities.

"A commemoration that, like the diamond jubilee celebrations this year, says something about who are as a people. Remembrance must be the hallmark of our commemorations."

Aye right.   The diamond jubilee "celebrations".  Where everybody all over the country forgot their woes and went out to make street parties.   Except that it did not happen.

Is Cameron living on a completely different planet?     Ach, don't even bother to answer that one.    Laughing

If the genuine reason is to teach school pupils that war is generally a Bad Thing, I think there might be some songs and poems already available to teach that.  It's just that they might not all be proclaiming Cameron's preferred view.

But of course, I don't allow myself for even a minute to suppose that there is anything at all odd or suspicious in Cameron choosing the year of 2014 for his celebration of what fun it is to be British.

Obviously not possible - a Tory Prime Minster being at all dodgy - who would ever think it?       Shocked

Aye, 2014 is indeed an odd choice......... But there again, thon Cameron bugger wiz himself a odd choice fur Prime Meenester.

On the plus side, 2014 micht be the year we cease tae be British. (But Ah'm no' huddin' mah breath.)

That's fit wye Camiknickers wants us oot wavin Union Jacks aboot, Dosser. He thinks it'll mak us aa feel British an vote for union.

Thon twat David Torrance even said somethin like "yeah! #olympics_mk2" on Twitter fan the 1914 commemoration wiz announced. I kid you not.
Fey Hag

Aye ah keep tellin mahsel it's these barstits whit are makin yea depressed wummin.

If ah kuid just jam all their boy bits ina big clamp thingie & hand thum a sharp knife before setting their bode alight ah'm shoor it wud cure whit ails me.
See ah kent it; just thinkin aboot it mad me feel so much better. Shocked  Laughing

Fey Hag wrote:

If ah kuid just jam all their boy bits ina big clamp thingie & hand thum a sharp knife...

NO!   A blunt rusty knife, please.
Fey Hag

Och Celyn yer a wumin after mah ain heirt soyeaur.


I see thon Fey is still the same, gentle, loving, forgiving wee woman she always was...the wee boy bits can be awfy sensitive ye ken.
Fey Hag


Have yea kent thon wee Blair bastit gun runnin agen.
Nuthin evir changes

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