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Aw the Airts
The Howff
Fur awra general run o keech an craic
Since wur membership huz loast the ability tae reed'n'rite an' thur nae way o' daen a Braille forum, Ah thocht this might be helpful.
The Midden
Politics an ither sic nonsense. Carefu, gird yersels, ississ nae a pless furra faint hairted. Post here at yer peril.
Ississ a wee pless fur mair serious writins. Like wur histry ur mebbe majur events frae yer ain point ay view.
Ra Leki's Hut
It's really jist a auld disused cludgie, but we've telt Heidy it's a posh retirement home fer auld dementit Lekis tae go and talk tae thursells in
Sciency Pless
Back by poplar request, ississ fur aw they technical bits an wur resident vet.
THE very nice UM UM UM UM
jist fur nice stuff...nae leckies annat. Ra manajmint denies huvin aythin tae dae wi iss fowrum. It's bin bocht in frae eBay, so if yer posts gae missin ye'll ken why.
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