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Blair confesses - nearly

Tony Blair huz telt some wifie on the teevee that he'd ae ordered the invasion o Iraq with or withoot weapons o mass destruction. In ither words, he kent fine there wiz nithin there!

Aye, the slimy popist is tryin' tae ease his farcical appearance before a kumiteee o' yes folk that winae dae fucf'aw aboot it.
Mair jobbies fer the boys an' wrang endins. Nae bastard will suffer. Nae as muckle as peir auld Kelly !! Twisted Evil

Maks me spewwwwwwwwwww  Embarassed  Embarassed
Fey Hag

Ur awl bluidy Polutishuns charlatans?

Blair confesses:

am thinkin that many are and they feel justified in "feathering their ain nests" because then they boast that they are guid tae their families.
Electing honest representatives is becoming more difficult because we no longer have a "free and independent fifth estate".

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