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Fey Hag


Ah'm goin walk-aboot; so pley naice till ah'm back.

Tata for noo, Fey. Dinna hae a CRAFT moment an forget yer wye back!

good luck Fey

Keep safe

Come back soon., Fey.   We'll leave the door on the sneck for you.

Okay, that's long enough!

Get yer erse back here quick, Fey!

Ah cuildnae help noticin' that richt efter ye announced yer departure we wiz hit by three days o' total silence. So dinnae blame me if there's naebdie at a' here when yer get back.

Its early spring here.

Sadly its nearly a year since Heidie left us.

Both remind me of an absolutely brilliant piece Heidie wrote elsewhere of a certain adopted Banana Bender's  encounter with a magpie. It was one of the best posts ever  written anywhere which I, unfortunately. no longer have a copy Crying or Very sad

However Im sure Clash now knows to wear a hard hat at this time of year.
Fey Hag

Sad Och that was a grand bit of writin soitwus.

Havin just bin in windy Canterbury where wur misguided forbears gave unto us daft antipodeans ra Magpie.
I wus watchin yin on a post an thinkin aboot ra same thing; of the great & mighty muscled yin bein set at bey by a wee burd.

Canna see the wee black 'n white viscous native burd killers weoot thinkin of Clash.  Very Happy

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