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Any bloody fool cuid be a leki!

And here's the proof.


See this is wher a toattie bit o so called knawlidge gets ye inty a loat o bother....jist like the arch arsehole Clashes theery aboot noisy lites an power sources....
The loabstuur an crayfish luvvur and part time coontint twat Dossuur,husny a cloo whit he is tryin tae dae when he makes insinyooayshuns aboot huvin a wee snipe at moi me masel....
See if wan hus ra vast experiance an knawlidje aboot the thunderbolt likes whit Ah me masel hus bein a fullie time served an accreditit Jurassic Spark he wid know that if ye luik closelie at thon set up ye wull see that it is continentil plugs an stuff an as such aw ther systims ur protectit wi rccd's whit evin if ye wis ta thraw an electric wan baur fire inty yer bath wi hur indoors lyin innt wi hur rubbur duck ye widny manage tae off doant try it at haim kiddies cos it widny wirk that wey ower here unless ye hud upgradit yer hoose wirin an spent a wad o munt!



....heidy, ye can say what ye like but that pic up there is a BAAAAAAD, bad idea and I widnae be gettin in that pool if ye peyed me!  

....Would you??


Aye Ah wid an fur free annaw cos Ah hiv seen the guy lyin in his bath an an assistint drapped in a glowin switch oan firs an ra rccd cut aff ra lek afore it cuild evin thraw up a cloud o steam....mind you he got his tootsies burnt annat daft git hudny thot o thon...haw haw haw...
Howevuur speakin o which ye widny get Clash or Alba goin inty a bath Lek or munt or no, cos thon two huvny washed fur a month! Laughing

and apart from anything else, their cocktail cabinet is woefully understocked

weejan wrote:
and apart from anything else, their cocktail cabinet is woefully understocked


There is that...still, if that's all there is...

....Nup. I'm still no gettin in.

*fizz*   *fizz*......BOOM (actually I dunno. What would such an incident sound like? ... Heidie?)

Huvin bin slightly electrocuted wanct, ra ony sound ah recall wis a loud OOYAH! Follayed by aboot five minutes o concentratit swerrin an a wee trip taera hostilepile.

I know a man who as a boay used to love stickin his fingers in electric sockets. Odd sorts, blokes...

(maybe love is the wrong word....'get a kick out of' mibbe?)  Laughing


Oan gettin lektrik shocks annat ye usuallie cause a short circuit wi yer screwdrivuur or pliers or wirecuttirs whit causes a flash ana bang o varyin intensitie dependint oan the ratin o ra circuit whit ye huv cut/etc....
Howevuur ra prime rule especiallie if thers ithers nearby is no tae react too much an no make ony howls or screams cos this brings doon loads o abuse an hilaritie,naw ye act calm an continue wirkin away wi yer charred tools/hauns an whistle nonchalontlie if ye kin an luik surprised an answer naw if questioned as tae you bein ra caue o ra big flash...
Ah hiv tae say here that this disny sometime wirk too successfullie especiallie if somewan hus bin lookin right at ye when it happins.....  Sad

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