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Ah've no' broke mah windscreen yet.....

.....but Mrs. dosser says Ah'm gonnae.

See, Ah cannie be arsed scrapin' frost affa mah car in ra moarnin's, and Ah dinnae like skooshin' they airysoll 'hingies fu' o' KFC's or whitever ye cry them.

So Ah jist chuck a bucket o' warm watter ower ra fucker tae wash it aff and then start ra engine tae heat a'hing up.

Like Ah say, the widscreen - made o' tuffined glassm efter a' - husnae shattert yet. Is it gonnae?

if the bucket was one of those metal ones and you let go of it mid swing, it might hit a weak point and a crack will appear. like the autoglass adverts when they hit a speed bump and the windscreen breaks. maybe thats an English advert though (Gavin from Autoglass does have a Brummie accent) so you won't know what I'm talking about anyway

ah've no broke/Dosser:

Cannae see any problems if yur jist dealing we a bit of frost. Startin the car is a guid idea uness ye furgoat tae turn the windscreen wipers off; ah've seen folk start the car and because of the ice, the wiper blades separate from the rubber oan the edge. Am wonderin why ye dinnae jist start the car and let the defroster dae its thing.
yur no drivin a Lada, are ye ?
Best pieces of advice i ever goat, regardin winter are, dinnae lick oany metal lamposts and nae peein oan an electified fence.

Ah wis discussin iss prob wi ma SIL an he sais that ther is a product at ye wipe ower ra screen at nite an in ra morn yer screen isny frostit up,onywey Ah dae is annaw an so long as ra wattuur is only slightlie warm yer screen wulny bust,too cauld tho an yer screen wull freeze up fastuur as ye drive tae sit in ra caur an rev ra injin an it will defrost itsel an ye get ra addit satisfaction o annoyin ra neebuurs.......... Smile

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