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Ah think we just broke a record here, btw.

Forty-eight oors an nae spammers! Nane at a'. No' even wan!

On the ither hand, Ah cuild mention a few o' youse whit huvnae been sae active lately neither..........

Aye, okay includin' me, Ah hear ye say. But Ah only exist by accident and aye promised Senga Ah wuildnae post at a', so Ah huv a excuse, right?

Ah did wonder. First time ah've bin up tae loggin in yonks an ah cuidna see wit hissel wis whingin aboot haein tae kleer oot ma inbox o thon clutter ay day. Onywye, ahmur back, creekin an groanin an whingin an moanin, but ahmur back. Wit aboot ra rest o yese?

issis weird, so it is!

Ah jist sent you a weemail a minute or less ago, and here ye ur!

Glad tae see ye're gettin' better again. And nice tae see ye back here!

See erye go...shows how much ye pey tenshun Dossuur boay,cos eftuur yer wee diatribe aboot how ye wis swannin aff oan some hoalidy or ur an yer guid sel entreatin some o us tae poast an dae a bit o tydyin up annat,Ah hud fergoat tae clear oot ra spammuurs an asked thon dipwit Alba fur how tae day it.....and just like his visit here it aw came tae fuckaw an aw Ah goat wis a rubber ear frae the yoosliss conivin coontint swine!
So,Ah dun it masel an huv bin busily deleetin unwantit pests fur ages noo every hour oan ra hour....weel near doant stert pattin yersel oan ra back annat....
Muttir muttir...some folk huv nae gratichood attaw so they huvny.......

Weel, Ah think ra spammers' sudden loss o' interest in spammin' us is purely coinssydental and Ah'd like tae hear Alba's account o' his efforts tae murder ra Arabic speakin', computer gennyratit twats. Unfortunately, Ah think he'll be itherwise engaged furra while.....

well done Hiedie. great job mate. see despite awe the mud slingin an name callin ah kin still praise fie furra joab well done. must be a first fur yie eh??

Aye is a furst awrite gettin praise frae a tall tale tellin coontint that sais he wull come an visit ye an disny preferin tae go tae a fuggin footie match!
Fey Hag

Braw tae see Senga's bonnie fizz as a welcome hame.

Ah'v been in darkest Canterbury where thirs nae lekkie bits an yea stoke ra  Esse range we turf 'n stuff.

After 50 yirs of bein a Maw 'n bein surrounded we rambunctious decedents, like 8 yeir aulds whit ur going on 28; ah'm goin tae need a lang lay doon.

Yea will be furst tae heir when mah brain stops hurtin 'n so called normal function resumes.  

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