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Ah'm no' egsackly whit ye'd ca' a fan o' royalty.....

.....nor o' ony shite-bag connectit wi' royalty.

Howsomayever, since learnin' o' ra latest tale o' Fat Fergie ra Fatuous, Ah have been ponderin' things Ah wuildnae dae fur ra promise o' $500,000.

A' Ah've come up wi' is eatin' mah ane young, uncooked an' wi'oot a strongly flavoured sauce.

Hauf a millyin eh? Ah rekin the weans wid go doon a treat wi some vinigir an sos.....mind you they wid fight a bit noo as ther a bit bigger than me noo.......... Laughing

You're a Leki, ffs.   You sneak up on them with the Dread Electric Thingy of Death.

Or shoe them into a fish pond.  Hell, some people, just no initiative.    Laughing

        Forum Index -> The Midden
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