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Advert annat............

Here is a link to simply the best advertisement ever made. Honestly. It's no bad.But its durty annaw ..well mibbes jist a wee bit...........
Its furra swedish (?) version o costco!

Strangely it doesn't do much for me, Heidy.   Are you sure it's all right for an auld ancient bod like yourself to be looking at the naked wummins?   Wouldn't want you to overheat and blow a fuse or anything.    Laughing

Here's an advert that makes me laugh:

On ra hole, Celyn, and fae a purely aesthetic an' artistic pintae view, Ah prefert Hiedi's post............ except fur ra lack o' realism.

Ah mean, it must o' been freeeeezin' up there, but did we get the true experience; did we get the realism? Did we get the hard, erect, bullet-like..........

Sorry............ Sorry.

I'm having a difficult month.

Cold shower for dosser!

Realistic bank rewards
Fey Hag

That's wun disgustin Bank!
Wudnae trust thum as far as I cuid kick thum we mah gammy foot.

Braw t' see yea Oz hope yir in fine fettle.

Im good Fey TY .  Hope you are keeping fit  yourself.

Glad your family survived ChCh and am keeping fingers crossed for all there.

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