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A very senior moment.

Boodles, I recall, posted something similar about his missus once..........

I think I've caught up wi' her - maybe overtaken her in the deid brain stakes.

Here's how it a' unfolded.

Ah wiz haen a wee wander doon below Roslin Castle when this group o' Japanese, Koreans or whitever comes up lookin' fer Lollin Chapih. So, realisin' thur wur gonnae be language difficulties, but wantin' tae be as helpfu' as possible tae visitors fae foreign perts, I tries gesturin' but cannae seem tae make them unnerstaun how tae get tae Roslin Chapel.

So, still tryin' tae be helpful tae foreign vistors, I sets aff in ra direction o' ra chapel and instructs them tae suivez moi!

Mah heid's gone bye-byes. Mah brain cells huv ceased to communicate wi' each ither. And noo, by postin' here, Ah'm proably even talkin' tae massel'

So yer noo a tour guide eh?Ah hope ye poitit ootmtjaty roslin chapil wis built wi feng shooie tekneeks............

Tour guide AND language instructor!   I could dae that - gis a job.  It's Dosser Hughes!    Laughing

Did the poor foreigners ever get tae the place, Dosser?

Aye. They suivez-ed moi tae ra letter.

There's a Flann O'Brien (or mibbe in his Myles na Gopaleen guise) in which there's a sort of Londonish shopkeeper of a tobacconist shop and a Murcan tourist and they can't understand each other until they talk in French.

Zat ra wan whit begins "Et il aboot une fahrrad"?
Fey Hag

Moments dinna get more senior than ma yins.
Ah'm a danger tae mahsel 'n awl life forms these dees.

Ah kuidnae ean find this plece after ah annialated ma whitsit at ra top uv ra page.
Tool bar ... that's ra bluidy thing ah lost

Ah'm gettin afert ta turn ra bluidy thing on wonderin whits happening next. Rolling Eyes

Och tis ra bluidy Microscrote, awwiz chengin ra wey things w**k.

See noo ah'm havin an Oirish moment sosaham

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