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A Shaemless Plug for a Unique Folk Music Event

Many of the visitors and contributors here will know, or know of, Kenny Caird, one way or another.

Kenny was for many years, the driving force behind the New Dawn and Star clubs in Glasgow. Very recently, he announced, with his customary candour, that he was fighting a losing war with cancer.

In an effort to provide some tangible support for Ken's family, a group of his friends have been very busy over the past couple of weeks organising a Testimonial music event. It's no exaggeration to say that we have been overwhelmed both by offers of help, and the generosity with which people have responded.

Plans are now sufficiently solid to announce the date, and the line-up.
Here's the programme for the event.

Saturday 28 July 2012
Saint Andrews In The Square

2:00 pm Concert...

Sheena Wellington
Paul McKenna Band
Ian Bruce
Adam McCulloch Trio
Alex Frackleton (on video)
Adam McNaughtan
Christine Bovill

7:30 Concert

Dick Gaughan
The Moonshiners
Wendy Weatherby
Arthur Johnstone and The Stars Band
Gordeana McCulloch
The Second Hand Marching Band

Tickets 12.50 for each show.

More information available on the website, but it's still under construction and will develop over the next few days...


I wish I could be there in person, they deserve all the support there is.

Lifted from elsewhere:

"A number of people have expressed their support, but for all sorts of reasons - geography or calendar conflicts - cannot be with us on the 28th July.

We've set up a facility to allow anyone who wishes, to make a contribution via the website.

The amount you contribute is entirely voluntary, and you can remain anonymous, if you wish.

The Donation page is at:


.. and while we're on the subject of donations...

there are many, many other individuals and families in a similar position.  We might know them or might not.

Macmillan Cancer Support is a great cause.|+brand+terms&utm_medium=cpc


Wish it was in August as we would be there.

Cannae mak it as affshore, bit hae made a wee donashun.

Without explanation or comment, I have deleted the CJ threid.

As Gowk has indicated on this thread, there are more practical ways to honour CJ's memory.

Ah suppose that means ye've deleted the link tae thon splendid Uncle CJ site as weel?

On secint thoughts, Ah've jist hud a wee look inby and their forum's put me richt aff. Ah think Ah'll jist stick wi ma memries o they Dear Uncle CJ epistles an gae thon place a wide berth.

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