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Fey Hag

A heart stopping moment

Here it was St Andrews Day as we
watched on Twitter  the tragic events unfold yesterday.

This morning reading this [url][/url] was a jolt from hell.
Somehow it made it all the more personal even at this great distance.
My heart goes out to all who have lost loved ones & to the nation for the loss it suffered.

Aye, a trerrible business indeed.

All praise for the ordinary folk o' Glasgow though. For all they knew, any second an electrical spark, a discarded fag-end or even a bit o' static could have ignited that chopper's fuel. But whit did they dae? - ran towards the scene and even into the building to help.

Quite unbelievable, apart from being all too real.    Crying or Very sad     And why the Clutha?  It's such a Glasgow institution - decent beer, music tending to be folky or blues (or in this case ska), non-pretentious, non fashion, and generally good place with generally good clientele.

I'm really impressed by all the customers who got it together to get injured people out at a point where they could not possibly have known whether to expect a damn big explosion or fire or further roof collapse or all three, very much risking their own health or lives.   Enormously brave and good!

I do like this remark from one of its owners:


He [Saverio Petri] got down on his hands and knees, checking for survivors along the perimeter of the pub. "I was concerned that people had been injured and wanted to make sure," he said. "I don't want to sound flippant, but I have a 350-page health and safety manual in the pub, and it doesn't give me a contingency for the roof being hit by a helicopter."  

Well, indeed not.  It's not what you expect, really.   "Hello, could I have one of Belhaven 80, an orange juice, 2 pints of heavy, and a helicopter, please?"  

Holy shit, but it is still hard to believe.

And I rather wish that bloody helicopter could have ditched into the Clyde, or on a road.  Anywhere but right into the roof of a busy pub.   That is not very nice of me.

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