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Fey Hag

40 years ay marriage

A merrit coople in their early 60s was celebratin' their 40th weddin' anniversary in a whieest, romantic wee restaurant.
Suddenly, a wee yit bonnie Fairy appeared oan their table.
She said, 'fur bein' sic' an exemplary merrit coople an' fur bein' lovin' tae each other fur aw thes time, Ah will grant ye each a wish.'
The guidwife answered, 'Oh, Ah want tae travel aroond th' warld wi' mah  husband'.
The fairy waved 'er magic wain an' - poof! - tois tickets fur th' Queen Mary ii appeared in 'er hans.
The guidman thooght fur a moment: 'Weel, thes is aw huir uv a romantic, but an opportunity loch thes will ne'er come again.
Aam sorry mah loove, but mah wish is tae hae a guidwife 30 years yoonger than me'.
The guidwife, an' th' Fairy, waur deeply disappointed, but a wish is a wish.
So th' Fairy waved 'er magic wain an' poof!... th' guidman becam 92 years auld.

The moral ay thes story: Men fa ur ungrateful bastards shoods min' Fairies ur female...

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