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Ra Clabbie-Doos o the Arrochar Alps..........

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PostPosted: Mon May 11, 2009 8:14 pm    Post subject: Ra Clabbie-Doos o the Arrochar Alps..........  Reply with quote

When Ah wis a boay,an it wisny that long ago ya cheekie shower at ra back,Ah served ma time in ra RNTF in the vale o Leven.
Fur youse higrint hoi polloi that disny know ony bettuur,thon stauns fur ra royil navy torpedo factory an it used tae be ra auld Argyle motor caur factory...but thons goin back a bit an ye wid need tae ask the Paisley reject cos it wis merr his time annat............
Onyhoo,the navy hud a torpedo range up at Arrochar oan Loch Long wher they fired aff aw ra "fish" as us in ra senior serviss cawed thum as apprentices we wis sent up err tae learn ra ropes an knots an ither nautikle stuff likes whit bloo serge tae werr an how tae dae a hoarnpipe...
Ther wis targits floatin oan ra Loch at 1000,an 10000 yds an they hud stuff whit hung doon fur ra "fish" tae battuur thru an so determine if the rangin gear wis ok...
Noo the targits wis jist big pontoons strapped ragethuur an the 1st wan hud a wee hut onit complete wi a mannie who set things up an reportit back aboot the "fish" an how it hud perfoarmed..onywey enuff aboot the armaments ..
Ah wis up err wi ma journeyman who wis a draftsman an he went away oan anuur mission an left me wi this auld senile dribblin skelly eyed loon....come tae think onit noo,he wis affy like thon Boo whit is infestin the place..
Eftuur a few futile attempts tae get inty ma biler suit,(seeminglie these auld matyloats ur aw like at)he resortit tae tellin me a stoarrrrie..........
Oan seein his attempts at corruptin me wis gettin naewher he sais tae me..." Huv ye ever hud a Clabbie son"
Me thinkin at iss wis an unnatchuril act practised by ra sons o Nelson sais "Naw,Ahm no a sailir mistuur Ahm a Leki apprentiss,we doant get allowed tae dae hings like at"
"Naw naw" sais he,"its a shellfish like a mussel but a loat biggur wan o thum wid feed a whole crew,an ra propuur nemm fur thum is ra Greatuur Hoarse Mussel"
" Nevuur heard o thum wher dae ye get thum" sais Ah.
"Weel ye get thum at the right time o year at low tide" he sais "but ther quite rerr an they dae hiv strange habits an kin be affy dangerous annaw..."
He tapped the side o his barnacle encrustit neb an gave me a knowing wink....Ah sais wink Boo ya durty swine....
"In fact" he sais lookin slylie aroon "its a weel kept secrit an if ye come inty ma wee hut Ah'll tell ye it!"
Noo Ah might hiv bin a herry arsed apprentiss but Ah wisny that daft,so Ah sais "tell me it oot here in full view o ra rangemaistuurs at the pier or Ahll no hear it attaw...."
To be continued............

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